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From Angie's List:
Kris Sofa

You should just call City Wide and be done with it - Everyone in our area uses them and they are the best.

We called the 3 highest rated ROOFING companies on Angie's List - for Estimates

City Wide responded to our call IMMEDIATELY. Came the NEXT DAY to do an Estimate- and were EARLY for our appointment.

DO ask to inspect ALL the roofing areas with City Wide (or others).

DON'T expect to be called back by every roofing company- We have not received a call back from any other company YET!!!!!

DO ask for a full inspection -They gave us a detailed tour of our roof- Inside and Out- We climbed around in both attics and learned what has to be done now, when to expect to replace our roof and what we can do to extend the life of our old roof.

DON'T expect every company to have your best interests at heart. City Wide is the best because of their service-period.

OUR REPAIRS were made by City Wide the FOLLOWING DAY after the estimate. clean and seal all vents, pipes, flashing, preventative sealing above drip lines on roof etc.

BAM! This is what I want from a great roofing company. Thank you City Wide.

We are not amazed by City Wide - since they do most of the roofing around this area. They already have a local Reputation.

We are just completely satisfied- like everyone else. They came, they saw, they fixed , the End.

My husband and I do not have time to follow up and call contractors back and beg them to come out and do the work for us anymore.

Before we used Angie's List some disorganized, dishonest and disreputable companies had taken advantage of us.

Now, it looks like the economic downturn has helped companies who provide good service rise above the masses, as their sloppy competition naturally starts to go out of business.

We appreciate Angie's List for giving us an easy way to screen contractors.

We recommend City Wide to our neighbors and friends and family as well as sharing our experience here on the Angie's List.

Customer Testimonies @ City Wide

. . . care, dedication and prompt response, . . . .
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My roof was done by City Wide Roofing in the past. Upon Ed assessing the damages, he suggested I contact my homeowner's insurance ASAP. I did just that and thought the insurance company were taking their time in sending a check. Ed made it a point to get our roof repaired so that we didn't suffer any more water damages!
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Denise Rivera and Carlos Cruz

. . . The roof is warranted for 10 years, . . . .

I contacted City Wide Roofing by email on November 3. Ed O'Neil came out on Nov 4, surveyed the roof and took pictures for my husband to see the condition of the roof. Ed explained what needed to be done, wrote an estimate that my husband accepted. Later, I called Ed who explained to me what needed to be done and emailed the pictures for me to see. At the time of the estimate, we were told to expect the work to be done in about two weeks and two weeks later on Nov 20 the workers came and set about replacing the roof, skylight, shingles and drain pipe from the roof. The workers did a good job of cleaning up; one returned the next day to clean-up some debris that was left on our steps. Although we don't have after pictures of the roof, we feel comfortable the job was done right. Over the next months of rain, ice and snow will be the test. The roof is warranted for 10 years, the shingles for 30 years. My husband and I are pleased overall with City Wide Roofing.
Julius Richardson

Happy City Wide Roofing Customer

. . . He gave me a discount right away . . . .

I found them on Angie's List, and they were first rate and did a very good job. They showed up on time and were very professional. They crew came out on time and did what they were supposed to do in more than a timely manner. They were excellent. My wife and I are considering using them later on in the near future for replacing windows since they do that too. He gave me a discount right away as soon as I told the gentleman that I got his name out of the Angie's List monthly book. I got a good service and I got a good quality roof that is guaranteed for 10 years. The guys were very professional and very courteous. They were first rate all the way. They put in a brand new skylight for me free of charge. I had got other estimates and they gave me the best price considering the work they did on my house. It was a win-win situation all the way around and I have nothing but good things to say about them.
Julius Richardson

. . . very easy to work with! . . . .

They did 3 roofs for me about 3 months ago. The roofs are not leaking and everything seems to be fine. They were very easy to work with!
Judith Raidman

. . . I'm an ex roofer so I inspected their work as did another roofer friend . . . .

I had two roofs re-roofed, gutter spouts replaced, all flashing around edges replaced, and sealed.

These guys are the best, 2 crews did the work, 1 crew of 2 men the first day to lay the rubber, the second day 4 men showed up and laid the flashing, nailed it into place, laid the tape and tar goo around the tape and edges to prevent them from leaking or lifting.

I'm an ex roofer so I inspected their work as did another roofer friend of mine and we both found it to be some of the finest rubber work we have seen. Very satisfied!!
Michael Nino

Happy City Wide Roofing Customer
. . . they can be counted on for follow-up repairs and service. . . .

I had a total roof and gutter replacement on my 3 story twin and garage. Removal of old asphalt and cedar shingles, new underlay and new shingles, gutters and downspouts. I also contracted to have two skylights added to the attic.

The upper roof seems good and the skylights are are nice and tight. Mostly the job went quickly and OK, though the crew that was sent was not great about clean-up. I had to call them back when my neighbor complained they had left debris in his gutter - which they did promptly, but I'm still finding roofing bits in my yards and gardens. I didn't realized until much later that they had failed to replace a gutter that is in a tricky location near a bunch of cable and and wires. To their credit they came back more than a year later and replaced the missing gutter, though not in the same configuration as before.

Overall I'd say they get the job done and so far everything seems tight and not leaking. The price was fair and since they are a local company they can be counted on for follow-up repairs and service.
Sarah Gowan

. . . highly recommend these guys and Ed, thank you for your honesty. . . .

The estimator "Ed" came to my home and advised me of the services that was needed for my porch roof since I've been having a leak. He was completely honest, and gave me a great price. Sure thing Ed was here with his workers - where he showed them ( Luis & Anthony) exactly what needed to be done. The job consisted of terminating the siding for proper flashing, installing a modified bitumen rubber roof; new edge capping; rubber wall flashing; cement & fabric; coil and brake custom metal trim on the siding; caulk for the window; and cleaning up after the work was complete.

Overall, I am really pleased with these guys and their job, If only I can post a picture of my new porch roof, it looks amazing! I had received a call from Ed letting me know what time they were arriving. He directed the workers in full detail - explaining to them the problem I've been having with my leak and they did their job to the fullest, I was poking my head to catch a glimpse of what was being done and had a couple questions while they continued to work. I would highly recommend these guys and Ed, thank you for your honesty - keep up the good work!
Anita Gonzalez

. . . They came out immediately to give an estimate. . . .

When I called their office and informed Mr. O'Neil at City Wide I was an Angie subscriber/member, and was informed of the discount immediately. They came out immediately to give an estimate. I didn't have to be home for this to happen and he left me a written estimate. They did the job as soon as they were available and in an expeditious manner.
Sarah Cade

. . . They were all very professional and I would recommend their services . . .

I had a persistent leak in my kitchen roof off and on for many years. I have had several roofs put on through the years and the leak continued to come back. Ed came out and took pictures of the roof. It was bad. Had the roof done about 7 years before that and Ed explained that they didn't put it on correctly along the edges among other things. Told me someone would be out in 2 weeks. The guys came out 2 weeks later and did the roof. Again they took pictures to show what they had done. The roof was finished. It didn't rain for a good while after that. It rained sometime in January and the roof leaked a bit. I called them and they came out within 2 days. they said the roof looked tight but they caulked above the windows on the 2nd floor and in the corners of the bay siding. We have had several really hard rains since then and it is holding up great.

They were all very professional and I would recommend their services to anyone.

PS ...the price was just a bit higher than the price that I had paid 7 years earlier.
Nancy Wilkinson

Happy City Wide Roofing Customer
. . . They even call . . .

I haven't had any leaks. The office staff is very friendly. They even call in advance of their arrival.
Margaret Carney

. . . for years I tried to find someone to help with the problem . . .

Jim visited me on a request to inspect my mother's home for a leaking roof. A number of years ago the City demolished the house adjacent to hers and left the walls leaking. For a few years I tried to find someone to help with the problem but to no avail. Jim inspected the roof and assured me that the roof was in good shape but the leak may be coming from the wall. Jim referred me to a gentleman who performed the excellent repairs on my mother's home.
Juanita Holden

Removed Old Roof and Installed New Rubber Roof

City Wide replaced the entire roof on my house and sealed a leaking skylight. They also provided a solution for a perpetually leaking part of the roof under a small deck by replacing the roof, removing the wooden deck and replacing with pavers.
City Wide was incredibly prompt and responsive to my needs. I called to schedule an estimate on Friday afternoon and Ed the company president was at my house the next day. A Saturday! He took pictures of the problem spots on my roof and explained exactly and clearly what work would be done. He also had a solution for a leak I was never able to stop. I have a small deck over my living room and the roof under the deck always leaks. Other roofers have tried to solve the problem but to no avail. Explained that the wood deck was damaging the roof and he provided a solution by replacing the wood with pavers. Its only been a week, but no leaks yet! Ed's estimate was very good and very professional. By Tuesday the work was done.
Joy Rohde

Removed Old Roof and Installed New Rubber Roof

I called and the next day City Wide came for an estimate. The workers came and removed my old shingle roof and replaced it with a new rubber roof and even installed new pole gutters. These guys did a professional job!
Brett Jenner

New Rubber Roof with Dome Skylight

Called and spoke to Ed O'Neil. He was great; his customer service skill was what I was looking for. A comfortable conversation knowing he would be a good partner to work with for a long term relationship. The City Wide workers were on time, nice and knowledgeable.
Angela Stowe

A New Rubber Roof Installed for a New Rowhouse

Everything went well. I received a free City Wide Roofing estimate the day after I called and the roof was installed one day later. I have no complaints.
Amie Tacka

Repaired Parts of the Roof that were Leaking and Re-sealed Flashing.

I called the office and within 48 hours an estimate was given. I spoke to the City Wide estimator and he explained exactly what the problem was and assured me that the problem was not a major one. I agreed to get the job started, the roof was repaired in a week's time. It has rained a lot after the roof was done and no leaks: Yahoo!!
C. Heys

New Gutter and a New Small Flat Roof

City Wide Roofing responded quickly, provided an estimate and performed the work soon after.
Jennifer Soosaar

Roofing Problems Solved !

I had originally called them to coat my roof and found that my roof needed minor repairs because the roof had been vandalized. They put capping on my skylight and cemented and fabricated several areas that the original roofer had failed to do so. They repaired two holes in the roof. They inspected to make sure they have taken care of the damage as well as to make sure the roof would see me though winter. They did a type of coating on the entire roof. They nailed down flashing that hadn't been nailed down before. They said they would come to do an estimate on a particular morning, and they were here that morning with an estimate. The only problem I had been with scheduling, but they worked with me to resolve those issues. The roofer was a foreman and assured me that he would take very good care of my roof, which I believe he did. They scheduled more than enough time to do the job and finished ahead of time. They explained everything to me and told me how to maintain the roof and asked me if I had any questions and if I did I should call them.
SG Drucker